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Mrs. Karr

Hello, my name is:

Nadine Karr

My name is Nadine Karr. I have been teaching preschool in Ralston since 1984. If you need to contact me I am at Seymour Elementary every day from 7:45 to  3:45. I check my Email daily so please use the contact me link on the left side of the page.

Daily Schedule 





Arrival/Wash hand

Students meet outside of the front door and wait for the teacher to open the door. The bus arrives at the back door. Enter classroom, hang up back packs and go sit on the circle area carpet. Play with the toys set out on the carpet until time to wash hands (clean up at 8:15 when the school bell rings).



Breakfast helpers work with para to get breakfast set out. Teacher eats with students. Pass food around the table and allow students to serve themselves. Eat and have conversations at the table. When most are finished, students take care of plates/milk, wash hands at classroom/bathroom sinks. Encourage children that are not eating to go use the bathroom.


Circle time

Sing the Hello Song. Sing Days of the Week or Macarena Months song and go through the Rules for Preschool. Say the Pledge of Allegiance. Talk about the daily schedule while looking at schedule pictures Students choose songs to sing from song cards or follow large group description on lesson plans.


Plan/Work time

Students sit at the tables with the teacher or para to plan what they want to play. All students have 1 hour and of free play in the classroom centers. Pull small groups of children for Language for Learning Lesson during this time.


Clean up

Students clean up the room.



Sit on the carpet to get ready for recess


Break/Prepare for recess.

Get ready to go outside/gym.


Gross motor time

Students will go to the playground if weather permits. Action songs can be done at the carpet if not. Play in the gym if it is available.



Sing songs while children use restroom and wash hands for lunch.


Lunch time

Student go to the cafeteria with the paraprofessional to eat lunch with K-2.



Students go outside with K-2 students. At 11:50 whistle blows. Line up with other classes but stay outside after they leave. Play until big kids come out. Move to the front yard if there is time remaining.


Book time

Teacher reads a book to the large group.


Get set for quiet time.

Play a yoga/quiet song to prepare for quiet time. Students get bags, go to their spot and rest with lights out. This time includes wind down and wake up transitions. 


Snack/Work time/Clean up

A snack will be available when they get up. Students play in classroom centers for 1 hour then clean up at 2:20. Give last call for snack at 2:00.


Small group rotations

Students divide into 2-3 groups and rotate through different activities for the day.


Closing Circle

Gather on the carpet to get ready to go home. Talk about the day. Read See You Later or sing a song.



Line up at 3:20. Students will be dismissed to parents at the front door.

Library-Thursday 2:50

Reader Buddies at 12:30 on Friday with Mrs. Gunia’s class in our room.

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