Classroom Behavior

Classroom Behavior

Your child will have a clip that they move up or

down a chart depending on their choices.

 This is how the chart works:


Great Job

Good Day

Ready to Learn
Your child will get to start out each 
day on “Ready to learn”.  They will move their clip up or down depending on your choices each day.

Think About It
If your child receives a warning,  they will move their clip down to help them remember to think about their choices.

Teacher's Choice
If your child continues to make poor choices,  they will move to “Teacher’s Choice”.   They will be given a learning consequence that is intended to help them learn from their choices and make better ones next time.

Parent Contact
If your child still chooses to make poor decisions, they will move to “Parent Contact”.  They will miss an entire recess and receive an Office Referral.  If a student is given an Office Referral or makes a severely bad decision his/her clip will automatically move down to"Parent Contact" regardless of where the clip was previously.

Clip Chart Take Home Calendar

Students color in the behavior they are on at the end of the day. Parents are asked to discuss their child's behavior and sign their initials in the box that is colored.  The chart needs to be returned the following school day.  If the chart is returned the next day, signed and on "Great Day" or "Outstanding", your child will get a punch on their punch card.  Once the card is full, your child will get a reward. Once the class has filled 15 punch cards, they will receive a class reward.

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