Useful Links

Class Dojo
Mr. Knight's Youtube channel
How-to tech video

6th Grade Graduation Video(Class of 2013)
6th Grade Graduation Video(Class of 2014)
Safety Patrol Celebration Video

Reading Skill Practice

Plot and Setting-Cinderella(L1-L2)
Figurative Language Baseball(L11-L12)
Figurative Language Games(Simile and Metaphor)(L11-L12)
Making Judgements(L18-L19) Practice
Making Judgements(L18-19) Reading Skills Rocket
Figurative Language(Similes)
Compare and Contrast Practice(L21-22)
Literary Devices Practice(L23-24)
Literary Devices Matching(L23-24)
Drawing Conclusions Millionaire(26-27)
Drawing Conclusions Practice(L26-27)
Characterization Millionaire(L28-29)
Characterization Information(L28-29)

Reading RIT Links
Games by RIT Scores
Games by RIT Scores 2

Math RIT Links
Math RIT Games 1
Math RIT Games 2

Math and Reading RIT Links
Math & Reading RIT links

Spelling City

Math Fluency
Division tank game
Multiplication race
Long division 1
Long division 2
Long division 3
Long division practice game millionaire

Math Story Problems/Problem Solving
Algebra Problem
Movie Problem
Average Problem
Field Trip Problem
Fish Problem
Oranges Problem
Lawn Problem
Puppy Problem

Fractions Page
Turkey Terminator
Adding decimals with like denominators
Adding/subtracting integers
Integer Jeopardy
Integer Driver Test
Integer spider game
Integer Quiz
Ordering decimals game
Ordering decimals game 2
Ordering decimals game 3
Ordering decimals video
Adding decimals basketball
Adding decimals baseball
Adding decimals soccer
Basic fraction games
Ice Ice Maybe (estimation)
Perimeter and Area Game
Ordered Pair soccer
Ordered pair catch the fly
Billy Bug ordered pair game
Stock the shelves ordered pair game
Area and Perimeter Practice
Circles Practice
Time conversions game
Chicken Corral
Experimental probability
Experimental probability site for assignment
Ordering Negative Numbers Game
Order of operations game
Scientific Notation Millionaire
Scientific Notation Catapult Game
Otter Exponents
Graphical Representation
Minecraft Volume
Area of Parallelogram Game
Create a Zoo area and perimeter
Problem Solving Bloxorz
Algebra Meltdown
Probability Pond
Probability Fair
Hungry Puppies Decimals
Sushi Fractions
Decention fractions/decimals
Absolute Value Game

Inequality Wars
10's and 100's mental math multiplying

Fifth Grade boot camp
Maze game
Meteor defense coordinate game
Flying Saucer coordinate game
Bombs on the grid coordinate game

Fourth Grade boot camp
Triangle Shoot angle game
Hitting the target game
Angles Jeopardy
Classifying angles practice
Multiplication Canoe team game
Monster multiplication
Baseball multiplication

Third Grade boot camp
Congruent shapes game
Ice blocker congruent shapes game
Testing congruent shapes
Carol's Congruence
Congruent Matching
Comparing whole numbers
Speedboat comparing game
UFO comparing game


Regular/Irregular Verbs
Parts of Speech Jeopardy

Smog City

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